Philodendron Mini Monstera Minima – 6″ Pot


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Philodendron Mini Monstera Minima – 6″ Pot – Live Tropical Houseplant – Grown in the USA

  • SIZE: 6" Pot
  • Grown in the USA By licensed nursery.
The history of the Minima Monstera is shrouded in mystery. Scientists are still trying to unravel the true origin of this amazing species. The first descriptions of the Minima Monstera date back to the 16th century, but it wasn’t until the mid20th century that researchers were able to identify it as a new species.The Minima Monstera is a small, delicate plant that lives in warm climates around the world. It grows only 1 or 2 inches tall and has big, green leaves that are covered in small bumps. The flowers on the Minima Monstera are tiny and purple, and they bloom throughout the year.The Minima Monstera is critically endangered, and there is only a few hundred plants left in the wild. Scientists are working hard to save this species from extinction, and they hope that it will one day be listed as a protected species.