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Dracaena ‘Colorama’ – 3″ Nursery Pot

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If youre looking for a strikingly beautiful and exotic plant to add to your garden, look no further than the Dracaena Colorama. This species of dracaena has a wide variety of colors and textures that can be used in both indoor and outdoor plants.

  • Enjoy a brilliant burst of sun-like color when lit and enjoys intense luminescent lights at night
  • Dimples help move warmth into the leaves and reduce condensation, causing them to stay dry
  • Great for any room but works especially well with larger rooms because it can be kept on a higher level
  • Variegated leaves, bold colors and striking designs
  • Unlike other dracaena, this plant grows more like a palm tree than a drac
  • Available in a range of colors and textures
  • This dracaena doesnt need to be repotted or divided
  • ·Smooth textured leaves make this plant easier to work with than other types
  • ·This plant grows well with plants in the same family, like Aloes and Fatsias
  • Beautiful colors and textures that are a dream to look at
  • Durable, long-lasting flowers and leaves
  • Edible leaves for guinea pigs and wildlife
  • Easy to care for. Primarily uses natural light
  • Perfect for home or office decor
  • Colorful foliage includes filigree, irregular markings and streaks

Colorama Dracaenas are popular for a few reasons. First, they are easy to care for and require little maintenance. Second, their dramatic colors make them perfect additions to any garden. And finally, they are very hardy and can withstand a variety of conditions.

Colorama Dracaena is a dracaena that was bred in the 1960s in South Africa. It has green and silver leaves and red flowers. The plant is often used in interior design because of its variegated leaves.
Colorama Dracaena is a beautiful and exotic looking plant that is perfect for adding color and life to any room. This plant is very easy to care for and can be kept indoors or outdoors. It is also a great choice for those who are looking for an unusual pet.
The Colorama Dracaena, a popular indoor plant, is a member of the dracaena family. It features striking colors that can vary quite a bit depending on the lighting conditions. The dracaena typically grows to be around 12 feet tall and 9 feet wide.
Colorama Dracaena is a popular houseplant that is often seen in homes across the United States. This plant is known for its beautiful, variegated leaves and its vibrant colors. This plant can make a great addition to any home and is perfect for people who love plants but dont have a lot of space.
One of the benefits of a Colorama Dracaena as a houseplant is that it is known for its dense, lush foliage. This type of plant can grow to be up to 12 feet tall and wide, making it an excellent addition to a large room or garden. Additionally, the leaves are variegated in green and brown, giving the plant a unique look. Additionally, this type of plant is very easy to care for and is long-lived, typically lasting up to 20 years.