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Calathea Roseopicta ‘Medallion’ – 4″ Pot

Air Purifier
Healthier Home Approved!
Snobby Approved!
Trendier Than Your Coworkers!!

Medallion Calathea is a popular succulent that can add a touch of color and character to any home or office. Whether youre looking for a focal point in your living space or just want to add an interesting addition to your desk, this flowering plant is perfect for you!

  • Stylish, three-dimensional design
  • Easy to care for, propagate, and maintain
  • Makes a unique plant collector item
  • This plant is perfect on desktops or tables
  • Each stem easily contains 7-8 leaves
  • Use water from bottom of pot, up the stem and out of the top
  • Medallion Calathea is frosted to give it a subtle shine
  • Medallion Calathea measures approximately 13 inches tall x 13 inches wide
  • -A traditional decorative plant perfect for indoor or outdoor use
  • -These plants are very resilient and love being watered, but need a lot of light to stay healthy
  • -This gramercy green planter comes with a chocolate brown round pot, decorative earth, and succulent
  • – Medallion Calathea has a wide variety of rich textures with vibrant colors
  • – One plant is only $$.99
  • – Provides oxygen for your home or office

Medallion Calatheas are popular because they are beautiful and easy to grow. They are also a good choice for people who want a lowmaintenance plant.

The Medallion Calathea is a rare, tropical orchid that grows in the wild only on a small island off the coast of Costa Rica. The flower is so rare that it was only recently discovered and classified as a new species by scientists. The Medallion Calathea grows only on a small, uninhabited island and it is so difficult to find that scientists only recently discovered it. The flower is so rare that scientists believe that there may be only a few hundred flowers left on the island.The Medallion Calathea is one of the most beautiful orchids that exists and it is incredibly rare. The orchid has colorful flowers that are shaped like a medallion. The orchid blooms for about two weeks and during this time, the flowers are pollinated by bees. Unlike other orchids, theMedallion Calathea does not have an aroma.
There are many interesting things to consider when caring for a medallion calathea. The plants are adaptable, but they do best in a bright and sunny location that receives good air circulation. These plants like nutrientrich soil and water that is kept consistently moist, but not wet. Temperature is also important, so be sure to keep them in a warm place during the wintertime.
The Medallion Calathea is a beautiful and unique plant. Here are some fun facts about this plant The Medallion Calathea is native to the Caribbean region. It grows up to 6 feet tall and has variegated leaves. The flowers are white and have a purple center. The fruit is a green capsule that opens to reveal black seeds.
One of the more interesting plants in the palm family is the medallion calathea or sometimes called the dragons head palm. The name derives from the characteristic shape of its leaves, which look like a dragons head with a long neck and sharp fangs. The medallion calathea is native to southeastern Asia, but has been introduced to other parts of the world including Florida, California, Hawaii, and Australia. The medallion calathea is a slowgrowing palm that can reach heights of up to 25 feet tall, with a trunk diameter of 2 feet. The leaves are triangular, green on top and yellowgreen below, and can grow up to 18 inches long. The flowers are white, small, and borne in clusters at the top of the stem. The fruit is a reddish brown pod that splits open torelease several small seeds. The medallion calathea is popular as an ornamental tree because of its striking leaves and beautiful flowers. It can be found in many garden centers and nurseries, and makes a nice addition to any landscaping project.
If youre looking for a lowmaintenance houseplant that will add some visual interest to your home, a medallion calathea might be the perfect choice. These plants boast bright green leaves and colorful blooms, making them perfect for any room in the house. Here are some of the benefits of keeping a medallion calathea as a houseplant Theyre lowmaintenance You dont have to worry about watering them or fertilizing them regularly, which means you can focus on other things in your life. Theyre easy to care for If you keep them in a sunny spot and water them occasionally, theyll be happy and healthy. They look great Whether you have one plant or many, medallion calathea plants will add color and beauty to your home.