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Begonia ‘Maculata’ – 4″ Pot

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Begonia ‘Maculata’ – 4″ Pot – Live Tropical Houseplant – Grown in the USA

  • SIZE: 4" Pot
  • Grown in the USA By licensed nursery.
The maculata begonia, sometimes called the ‘painted lady’ begonia, is a relatively new addition to the flower trade. Originally from South America, it was first brought to Europe in the early 1900s and was popularized in the 1940s by Dutch growers. The maculata begonia is a striking addition to any garden, with its variegated colors and intricate patterns.The maculata begonia is a hybrid of two species of Begonia – the maculata a dark green variety and the picta a lighter green variety. The cross between these two species resulted in a plant with both colors mixed together, producing a range of colors from pale yellow to deep purple.The flowers of the maculata begonia are small but very dense, making them perfect for container plants. They can be grown outdoors in climates that receive some sunlight, but they do best in tropical or warm climates where they will receive ample humidity.