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Zamiifolia Zamioculcas is a delicate, leafy shrub with inconspicuous flowers that grows in dry, open woods near the coast of North America. Native Americans used the roots and bark of this plant to treat a variety of ailments, including hypotension and heartache.Today, zamiifolia is most famous for its use as an herbal tea. The dried root and bark can be brewed as a strong infusion, or combined with other ingredients to make more gentle drinks. The flavor profile is mild and refreshing, with hints of citrus and ginger.What many people dont know is that zamiifolia is also a source of valuable medicinal compounds. The shrub contains the alkaloid zamioculcasin, which has been shown to haveanti-inflammatory properties and inhibit the growth of cancer cells in vitro. Additionally, zamiifolia contains the glycosides vicine and hericenin, which have anti-carcinogenic properties.So if youre looking for a unique tea thats also packed with health benefits, check out zamiifolia!

  • Offers a healthy, natural alternative to forgettable tea blends
  • Infused with zamioculcasin, a valuable medicinal compound that has anti-inflammatory and anti-carcinogenic properties
  • Many in the community dont realize zamiifolia is also a source of valuable alkaloids
  • Low caffeine
  • Vegan-friendly
  • Kosher
  • 400-mg whole leaf tea per sachet
  • Suggested Uses:
  • -Simple iced tea. Simply brew Sachets of zamiifolia and cool. Zamiifolia can also be iced, whether to cool down a hot drink or as a summer or springtime beverage
  • -A body tonic: Add a sachet of zamiifolia to your favorite fruit water, milk based beverage, or juice for an even tastier and more refreshing refreshment
  • Organically grown in Madagascar
  • Fresh, delicate flavour
  • Tastes much milder than other herbs
  • Low calorie tea
  • -Dried root and bark
  • -Mild and refreshing with hints of citrus and ginger
  • -Alkaloid zamioculcasin present in the leaves: anti-inflammatory, anti-carcinogenic, inhibits angiogenesis

Zamiifolia zamioculcas, or the zamiifolia jasmine, is a popular houseplant because of its glossy, variegated leaves and fragrant flowers. Zamiifolia zamioculcas is an easy to grow plant that can tolerate a wide range of conditions. The plant can be propagated from stem cuttings or by rooting new plants from fresh offsets.

The Zamiifolia Zamioculcas is a beautiful and unique herbaceous perennial that is native to central and southern Africa. The plant is closely related to the mallow family (Malvaceae), and grows up to 2 meters tall. The zamiifolia zamioculcas is closely related to the mallow family (Malvaceae), and grows up to 2 meters tall. The plant has a stout stem with wide, ovate leaves that are leathery on the upper surface and smooth on the underside. The flower heads are comprised of up to 40 individual white or pink flowers. The fruit is a kidney-shaped pod that contains numerous small seeds.The zamiifolia zamioculcas is a popular ornamental plant in gardens across southern Africa, where it grows in disturbed habitats such as rocky outcrops, dry bushveld, and light woodland. The plant can be propagated from cuttings taken during the flowering season, or by rooting softwood cuttings taken from a mature plant.
Some Zamiifolia Zamioculcas plants are sometimes kept as house plants, but many are used as ornamental plants in gardens. These plants typically haveshowy, colorful flowers and foliage. Some common names for this plant include Christmas cactus, Christmas tree cactus, Easter cactus, and Thanksgiving cactus. These plants can be grown in a wide range of climates and can tolerate some drought conditions.
Zamiifolia zamioculcas is a flowering plant endemic to the Democratic Republic of Congo. It is a medium-sized tree up to 10 meters tall, with a trunk up to 1 meter in diameter and a crown of dense, round leaves. The flowers are white or cream, borne in panicles up to 30 cm long.
Zamiifolia Zamioculcas is a popular plant in pop culture, often used as an ornamental plant. The name zamiifolia comes from the Latin word zamia, meaning tamarind.
The houseplant Zamiifolia Zamioculcas is considered to be a hardy and beautiful ornamental plant that has many benefits as a houseplant. The flowers on this plant are white, orange, or yellow and can be quite fragrant. The leaves of the zamiifolia zamioculcas are also quite interesting as they are divided into lobes that are either rounded or pointed. The leaves of this plant can grow up to 18 inches long and 8 inches wide, making it a good choice for larger spaces. The flowers of the zamiifolia zamioculcas will begin to bloom in late spring and will continue to do so until late fall. During this time, the plant will give off a sweet fragrance that is quite pleasing.