Tillandsia Air Plant Variety 20 Pack w/ Spray Bottle


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Superb Tillandsia Air Plant Variety Pack w/ Spray Bottle – VARIETY – Air Plants

Elegant VARIETY Air Plants Tillandsia air plant variety w spray 3 packINCLUDES: 1 Ionantha Air Plant 2-3 Inches 1 Kolby Air Plant 2-3 Inches 1 Fertilizer Spray and 1 Care Guide.CUSTOM FORMULA: We use 17-8-22 formula fertilizer made especially for Air Plants.VALUE: This concentrated 1oz bottle will last you 6 months – 1 year for 2-4 Plants. It is for monthly use.UNIQUE PLANT: A hardy piney leaf plant with lime green color.30 DAY GUARANTEE: If you have any issues with your air plant or fertilizer spray contact us and we will fix the issue.Air Plants are:- Natural Air Purifiers- Fun quirky and cool Plants that don t require soil- Easy care; Light water with light exposure–Air Plant CareHelp your Air Plants stay fresh and healthy with House Plant Shop s 2oz spray bottle of premium air plant fertilizer. This fertilizer is concentrated and only needs to be used on your Plants once a month. This spray bottle will last you many months.Air Plants also known as Tillandsia s are beautiful little Plants that are very easy to grow. With the flexibility to use the Air Plant without soil and minimal water the Air Plant is an easy choice for an easy-to-maintain Terrarium. If taken care of Air Plants will live for several years. Please see the below care instructions for taking care of your Air Plant to ensure years of enjoyment. ***Please note we will no longer be able to ship this fertilizer to California due to agricultural restrictions***