Tillandsia Air Plant Butzii


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Superb Tillandsia Air Plant Butzii – BUTZII – Air PLants

BUTZII Air Plant Features
  • Easy-to-use: Cleaning process can be started and stopped with a single button
  • 7 different modes that vary the purification for each room create customized results.
  • Self-watering feature keeps plants alive and clean
  • Silent operation
  • Bacteria are the major threats to air quality so Butzii Air Plant purifies the air without using chemicals
  • Comes in a wide range of colors - choose your favorite to fit in with your decor
  • The Round design works well under or behind furniture
  • 100% environmentally friendly: air purifier uses natural CO2 instead of chemicals
  • Affordable: great for small homes or offices
  • Quiet operation: sits easily on top of a desk or a stand
  • Low risk to pets and children
  • Ensure home and office stay healthy with clean air.
  • Affordable eco-friendly plant option.
  • Protects your home or office against airborne contaminants.
  • No filters require, no KW CO2 required, ORANGE
  • Produces natural and effective air purification with CO2
  • Won’t remove all harmful particles from the air, only safe or non-harmful bacteria, fungus, and dust
  • Operates quietly
  • Keeps your office or home clean by efficiently filtering the air.

Splendid BUTZII Air PLantsTillandsia butzii air plant easy care great in terrariums air filtering vibrant fun unique decor or giftThe Tillandsia Butzii is warm green with hints of purple in it s leaves. It is a is great large Air Plant species easy to cultivate and very versatile. Tillandsia Butzii – Size: 3-5 inches large