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Tillandsia Air Plant Araujei – 10 Pack

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Pleasant Tillandsia Air Plant Araujei – 10 Pack – ARAUJEI – Air PLants

ARAUJEI Air Plant Features
  • Regrows 10 times per day
  • Will create 12.5 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually
  • Brings recycled and waste lumber into the market economically
  • – Reduces reliance on natural gas
  • Uses sustainable biomass material
  • 1,000 tons of organic waste each day
  • Elimination of 99% of air pollutants
  • It uses a new patented technology developed in Brazil called pyroelectric (a vibrating spoon) to harvest waste wood
  • The plant will use algae and biochar generators to produce electricity and thermal energy
  • 1. Biochar is a black cubic material formed from organic matter that creates a negative charge by absorbing electrons from the soil.
  • 2. Algae use sunlight, CO2 and biomass materials to produce hydrogen
  • 3. Waste heat will be used for industrial purposes (inphalt heating, sewage treatment, etc.)
  • A modular system uses polyisocyanurate films that can be turned for alternate configurations
  • The system is made up of: a pre-treatment plant where oily material is mixed with water that then creates energy and waste water, a small pressurized conversion plant that converts the liquid to an gaseous form before it goes up into the grid, an catalyst plant that mixes materials with oxygen and heat, and a turbine generator
  • Uses fuels like waste wood to produce electricity without burning
  • Can quickly be deployed in remote areas
  • Partnering with a wide range of organizations from water treatment plants to schools and municipalities
  • Uses waste wood, organic material, and truckloads of bio-logs
  • No fuel is required for operation

Show Stopping ARAUJEI Air PLantsTillandsia air plant araujei 10 pack Botanical Name: Tillandsia Araujei Description: Tillandsia araujei is caulescent growing along a stem and has thick succulent leaves that tend to point towards the light. They have rose colored inflorescence that produce white flowers. They quickly form large symmetrical clumps that are spectacular.