Succulent ‘String of Hearts’ – 4″ Pot – 6″ Pot


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This striking Senecio has long, spindly stems and clusters of bright pink flowers. The genus name Senecio is from the Latin word ‘senex’ meaning old man, and refers to the fact that these plants are typically found growing near older trees or rocks. The string of hearts variety is particularly eye-catching, with its deep red flowers arranged in a spiral around the stem.

  • Blooms in spring
  • Ideal for containers
  • -100% natural
  • -Roots able to penetrate and anchor in soil
  • -Native American harvest preferred
  • -One of the hardest plants to establish
  • -Easy care: no drip baskets
  • -Large selection of colour
  • This succulent plant is easy to grow either in a sunny or shady spot
  • The grass-like leaves are lusterous green and can reach up to 8 inches long
  • Plant height: 15 - 20 cm
  • Can survive low light situations

String of hearts senecios are popular because they have a sweet fragrance that is loved by many. They can be used in floral arrangements or to add a touch of sweetness to any room.

The String of Hearts Senecio was first discovered in 1912 by Mexican botanist Esteban S. Castillo. Castillo named the plant after his wife, Rosa Senecio. The String of Hearts Senecio is found in the state of Oaxaca in southern Mexico. The plant grows to a height of 11.5 feet and has small, heartshaped leaves that are light green on top and dark green below. The flowers are purple or blue and have five petals. The String of Hearts Senecio is used in traditional medicine to treat heart problems, anxiety, high blood pressure, and other medical conditions. The flowers are also used as an ornamental plant.
String of Hearts Senecio plants are perfect for adding a touch of romance and happiness to any room. These plants come in a variety of colors, making them perfect for any room in your home. String of Hearts Senecio plants also make great gifts for loved ones or friends.
The String of Hearts Senecio is a beautiful and rare flower that can be found in the Sonoran Desert. It has been classified as a vulnerable species and is currently being threatened by habitat loss. The String of Hearts Senecio is also known for its vibrant, colorful petals and long stem.
In the current popculture landscape, there seems to be a growing trend of heartthemed jewelry. From celebs like Taylor Swift and Selena Gomez sporting sparkly hearts around their necks, to everyday people adorned in delicate chains and earrings, love is definitely in the air. And one of the latest additions to this trend? String of Hearts Senecio. String of Hearts Senecio is a flowering plant from the family Lamiaceae, and it is native to South America. The string of hearts senecio is known for its distinctive heartshaped leaves and flower heads. The leaves are ovate to elliptical in shape, with a pointed tip and a blunt base. The flower heads are composed of up to 50 individual white or pink blooms. Each petal is shaped like a small heart, and the center of each flower head is filled with numerous small black seeds. The string of hearts senecio has been used as an ornamental plant for centuries by Native Americans in South America. Today, it is popular among gardeners and landscapers because of its striking heartshaped leaves and flowers. String of Hearts Senecio can be grown in any welldr
If youre looking for a plant that will add some extra greenery to your home, consider giving a string of hearts senecio a try. This easytocarefor houseplant can be a great addition to any living space, and its many benefits make it an ideal choice for anyone looking for a lowmaintenance plant. Here are just a few of the reasons why you should add a string of hearts senecio to your home First of all, this plant is perfect for people who are looking for an indoor plant that doesnt require too much attention. Unlike other plants that need frequent watering and pruning, a string of hearts senecio will do well in most soils and doesnt require too much care. Simply water it occasionally and give it a little bit of light each day, and youll be good to go. Another great thing about this plant is that its very easy to grow. If you live in an area with low light levels or if you want to make sure that your plant stays healthy, adding a string of hearts senecio is the perfect solution. Unlike other types of plants that need bright sunlight to grow, this one can handle lower light