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Snake Plant ‘Zeylanica’ – 6″ Pot

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Zeylanica Snake is a snake that was born with a disability. She has a rare condition called torticollis, which causes her neck to be twisted abnormally to the right side. Because of this, Zeylanica needs to use an external support system in order to move around and eat.

  • Educational story book introduces the concept of torticollis, which is also known as wryneck
  • Make and take activities encourage children to use skills in reading and science to make their own snake with her assistance
  • Recommended for ages 4-9
  • Restricted her mobility
  • Hardly eats or moves around
  • Not nearly as comfortable to interact with as any other snake
  • -Suction cup attachment provides stability while playing
  • -Novelty toy encourages exercise and fun playtime
  • Zeylanica is small, green, and a little bit shy! Easy to cuddle and play with.
  • Snakes cannot hide, so she has been given the short form Snake by friends and family.
  • She is happiest rolling around on her back in the bed of her owners home playing with all her toys.
  • A four-footed, tactile robot snake
  • Four feeders in her mouth help keep Zeylanica up and moving
  • Minimalistic design with low maintenance capabilities

Zeylanica snakes are the perfect pet for those who love snakes. They are gentle, nonpoisonous, and easy to take care of. Plus, they come in a variety of colors and patterns, so you can find the perfect one for your home.

The Zeylanica Snake is a species of snake endemic to Sri Lanka. The snake is named after the Zeylan Province in which it is found. It is one of the leaststudied snakes in the world and very little is known about its ecology or behavior. The Zeylanica Snake is a viperine snake and can be distinguished from other snakes by its elongated body, small head and lack of a rattle.
Zeylanica snake plants are unique. They are not only beautiful, but they have some interesting characteristics that make them great additions to any home. One of the most notable features of these plants is their ability to climb. Many people use zeylanica snake plants as indoor plants because of this characteristic. They can be easily moved from one area of the home to another, making them perfect for areas where space is limited. Additionally, these plants are very droughttolerant and can even grow in lowlight conditions.
Zeylanica snakes are one of the few snake species that can spit venom. The Zeylanica has a long, thin neck and a wide body that helps it to swim quickly. The snake is found in the Southeast Asia and South America.
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Zeylanica snakes are a great choice for houseplants because of their many benefits. They are lowmaintenance plants that require little water, and they usually grow quickly. Zeylanica snakes also provide some interesting decorative features for your home.