Serviceberry, Alleghney Tree – 6.5″ Pot


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Exquisite Serviceberry, Alleghney Tree – 6.5″ Pot – TREE –

Exquisite TREE Serviceberry alleghney tree 6 5 pot Botanical Name: Amelanchier Laevis Common Names: Serviceberry Alleghney Description: From its spring showcase of gorgeous white blossoms to its vibrant fall colors and berries the Downy Serviceberry is a resilient ornamental tree that has proven itself worthy of respect and admiration. What distinguishes the lovely Alleghney Serviceberry? Vivid multi-seasonal coloration. Tolerance to various soil urban conditions and various climates. Velvety flowers. Bewitching fall colors. Abundance of delicious red berries excellent for snacking and baking Compact structure ensures that this specimen cultivated as a tree or shrub doesn’t demand lots of space to grow—making it ideal for small yards. Keeping up appearances:With its smooth silvery bark and delicate structure Amelanchier Laevis offers a lovely winter silhouette its fine branches arching to create a broad vase-shaped architecture. The Allegheny Serviceberry’s leaves are elliptic rather ovate and dark green laterally veined with tiny toothed margins. The foliage takes on warm lustrous hues of fiery orange and bright crimson in the autumn radiantly lighting up any garden small yard or larger landscape. In April a heavenly profusion of aromatic white blossoms festoon the tree’s pale branches appearing in lazily drooping clusters. These are later replaced by the Allegheny Serviceberry’s sweet blueish-green to purplish-black poms which are edible either raw or cooked. The tree’s bark is silvery-gray and patterned with pale vertical stripes while its root system is close to the surface and places little demand on the soil.A friendly recommendation:As its name seems to imply this type of serviceberry is indeed all about accommodating other members of its ecosystem. This flowering member of the Rosaceae family can be cultivated as a small tree or a tall shrub— reaching an approximate height between 15-40 ft. with an analogous 15-40 ft. spread—rendering this tree a viable option for small yards. With a 4-8 hardiness zone rating this plant tolerates medium well-drained soils and flourishes in full sun to partial shade. *Due to some restrictions orders cannot be shipped to California. All orders placed to a California delivery address will be fully refunded back to the customer*