Schefflera Moonlight ‘Umbrella Plant’ – 3″ Pot


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Schefflera is a genus of about 130 species of evergreen shrubs and trees in the family Araliaceae. They are native to subtropical and tropical regions of South America, Africa, Asia, Australia and the Caribbean. Schefflera have interesting and beautiful foliage that can vary from light green to deep green in color, with variegated patterns.Schefflera grow well in most soil types, but they prefer slightly acidic to neutral soils that are moist but not wet. They require fairly bright, indirect sunlight and do best when temperatures remain between 60-75 degrees Farenheit throughout the year.

  • Interesting, Unique, Beautiful foliage
  • Prefers slightly acidic but not wet soil
  • Requires bright, indirect sunlight
  • Deciduous
  • Cherry blossoms in late spring-early summer
  • Creamy white flowers that smell like vanilla
  • Great for indoor decoration
  • Grows well in most soil types
  • Requires bright, indirect sunlight
  • Grow well when temperatures remain between 60-75 degrees Fahrenheit throughout the year
  • -Soft dark green leaves, with a velvety feel
  • -Gradual growth of several inches in the summer tree to over 30ft tall
  • -Skinny, thin trunk and branches providing a compact tree form, perfect for growing close to walls or up an interior wall

Moondrops Schefflera are popular because they have a unique form, they are easy to grow, and they produce a great deal of flowers.

The Moondrop Schefflera is a beautiful, easy-to-grow shrub that can be found growing in many parts of the world. The history of this plant is interesting, as it is thought to have originated in Central and South America. There are many stories about how the Moondrop Schefflera got its name. Some say that the plant was given its name because the flowers would drip down like raindrops. Others believe that the name comes from the German word for moon, Mond.Whatever the origin of the Moondrop Scheffleras name, it is clear that this plant has a long history and is beloved by many people.
Pets and Moondrop Schefflera plants can get along well together provided that proper precautions are taken. This includes keeping pets away from the plants leaves and roots, and providing a safe place for them to play. Pets generally enjoy the company of other animals, so adding a pet to your Moondrop Schefflera garden can be a fun experience for all.
The Moondrop Schefflera is a popular and easy to care for indoor plant. It is a shrub that typically grows to between 3 and 6 feet tall, but can reach as high as 10 feet in some cases. The Moondrop Schefflera is also known by the common names of weeping fig, butterfly bush, and raindrop tree.
Moondrop Schefflera is a popular houseplant that has been in popular culture for many years. The plant was first seen in the film The Little Mermaid and its popularity has only grown since then. Moondrop Schefflera is often used as a decorative plant in homes and offices, and it can be found in many different colors and styles.Moondrop Schefflera is a graceful plant that is popular for its double blooms. The flowers are typically light pink with dark spots, and they are very delicate. The leaves of the Moondrop Schefflera are also unique in that they curve gracefully downward.The Moondrop Schefflera is a versatile plant that can be used in many different settings. It can be used as a decoration in homes and offices, or it can be used as an indoor plant. The Moondrop Schefflera is a beautiful plant that will add personality to any room.
Moondrop Schefflera is a tender, evergreen shrub that is perfect for small spaces. The small leaves and branches create a dense and pleasing hedge, while the tall height provides plenty of shade. Moondrop Schefflera has many benefits as a houseplant, including low water needs, minimal care, and attractive foliage. One of the most popular reasons to add Moondrop Schefflera to your home is for its low water needs. This plant requires only half the amount of water compared to other plants, making it perfect for dry areas or places where you have limited water availability. Additionally, Moondrop Schefflera is tolerant of low light levels and can even grow in areas with poor air circulation. Minimal care is required for Moondrop Schefflera; simply misting it occasionally will help keep it hydrated and healthy. Because this plant grows slowly, removing any dead or damaged branches will not be necessary often.