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Philodendron Cordatum Heartleaf – 4″ Pot

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Cordatum Philodendron, also known as the Heart-Shaped Philodendron is a rare and beautiful plant that can grow to be up to 24 inches tall. This fascinating succulent is easy to care for and has striking heart-shaped leaves and flowers.If youre looking for an unusual plant to add to your collection, or want to learn more about one of the more difficult succulents to care for, read on for details on how to care for Cordatum Philodendron.

  • · Heart-shaped leaves with a contrasting, dark green center
  • · Species is commonly mistaken for Cordatum sinensis
  • · Hardy and drought-tolerant when grown indoors
  • Heart-Shaped leaves, beautiful blooming flowers in shades of purple
  • Easy to care for, tolerant of low humidity and even greatly reduced water
  • Will require trimming back in April if grown indoors
  • White throats at the base of its stocky stems with creamy green hearts
  • Popular for its heart shaped leaves, this unique succulent has striking purple flowers
  • Hardy and easy to care for: Place it in an indirect sunlight spot near a window or a humid area. Water it with cold water, just like the roots
  • Does not need much water on a regular basis
  • Height of the plant up to 24 inches
  • Plant needs light but can tolerate medium or low light
  • Likes a temperature range between 50-85 degrees Fahrenheit with a humidity percentage between 55-70%
  • -Optimum for indoors
  • -Plants grow to be 24 inches tall!-
  • -Unique heart shaped leaves, lower caudex and stems.-
  • -Plant grows from offsets

Cordatum philodendrons are popular for a variety of reasons. First, they have beautiful foliage that is both vibrant and colorful. Additionally, they are very tolerant of a wide variety of conditions, making them a great choice for beginners or those who want an easytomaintain plant. Lastly, cordatum philodendrons are relatively shortlived plants, so they make for a fun addition to any garden or home décor.

The Cordatum Philodendron is a beautiful and unusual plant. Although it is not well known, the Cordatum Philodendron has a long and fascinating history. The Cordatum Philodendron was first discovered in the 1800s in Colombia. At the time, it was unknown what kind of plant it was. It wasnt until later that scientists realized that it was a new species of philodendron. Since its discovery, the Cordatum Philodendron has been used in research labs around the world. Scientists are still studying this unusual plant to learn more about its biology and genetics.
Cordatum philodendron plants are amazing additions to any home. These plants are easy to care for and make a beautiful addition to any room. The cordatum philodendron is one of the most popular plants on the market today. This plant is perfect for anyone who wants an easy to care for plant that looks beautiful.The cordatum philodendron is a versatile plant that can be used in many different ways. If you want to use it as a indoor plant, you can place it in a sunny spot. If you want to use it outdoors, you can put it in direct sunlight or in an area with indirect sunlight. The cordatum philodendron is also tolerant of saltwater environments and can be planted near the waters edge.The cordatum philodendron is a lowmaintenance plant that requires little care. You will only need to water it once a week if you keep it in a dry area. If you live in an area where water restrictions are in effect, you may only need to water it every two weeks. The cordatum philodendron also responds well to fertilization, and will produce flowers if fertilized regularly.
The Cordatum Philodendron, also known as the Umbrella Tree, is a type of philodendron that was first discovered in the Cordatum Mountains of West Africa. This plant is unusual because it has an umbrellalike structure made out of long, narrow leaves. The flowers on this plant are also unusual in that they are green and purple.
The Cordatum Philodendron is a popular houseplant that is often used in homes as an accent. It has brown, heartshaped leaves and can grow up to 12 inches tall. The plant is also known by the nickname “Heart” or “Love” philodendron. The Cordatum Philodendron is seen in a variety of pop culture references, including Friends and The Office.
Cordatum philodendron is a houseplant that can be kept indoors or outdoors. It is a slow growing plant that can grow to be up to 18 inches tall. The cordatum philodendron has many benefits as a houseplant. One of the benefits of the cordatum philodendron is that it can be used as a air purifier. The cordatum philodendron attracts dust and other small particles in the air and clean them up. This can help improve the air quality in your home. The cordatum philodendron is also good for your skin. The plant contains antioxidants which can help improve the skin’s health. The cordatum philodendron can also reduce inflammation and pain.