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Noble Fir Tree – 4″ Pot

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Show Stopping Noble Fir Tree – TREE –

  • -No cutting or sawing required.
  • -Uses simple tools that most people have around the home.
  • -Requires a sealed surface to paint, ideally stained wood paneling.
  • -Beautiful natural look once assembled.
  • -Can be painted any surface color and finished with various oils.
  • These trees produce enough wood for 50 Christmas ornaments
  • You will receive 4-5 saplings and well offer a free tree planting service
  • All projects are created by Habitat for Humanity Canada
  • Noble Fir Trees are great for DIY projects such as, Log Cabin displays and accents, musical instruments, Christmas stockings.
  • The wood is durable and beautiful with a natural wavy grain.
  • It us light in weight
  • -A tree huggers delight!
  • -Belong to the B.C. Ministry of Transportation Large Forest Trees Program, which administers the licensing and permits to cut down noble fir trees for sale or transport
  • -Just need 350 mm of trunk circumference
  • Branch Extensions: You can purchased a set or individual branch extensions to work on your projects. Buying these extra branches offers three advantages over working with just your tree trunk: there are no knots, it will take you less wood to create your project and youll have more branches available for creating more art pieces!
  • They are known as the best wood to use because they are not too dense, so they dont crack
  • Anyone can get their tree in the right size
  • These trees also grow larger on average, meaning you have to plant fewer trees
  • The tree with the most knots is considered better. More factors can be found in our detailed Noble Fir Tree Buying Guide

Gorgeous TREE Noble fir treeNoble Fir Tree will be in a tall 4″ Anderson Pot. * Botanical Name: Latin Abies nobilis * Common Names: Noble Fir Tree Christmas Tree * Description: The noble fir is a popular choice for Christmas trees. Distinct branches with open spaces allow you to showcase ornaments while avoiding the appearance of bare spots. Noble firs show attractive smooth silvery-gray bark with one inch gray-green or bright blue-gray leaves. Native in western Oregon Washington and northwest California