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Generic Fertilizer (Plant Food) – 500ml

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Beautiful Generic Fertilizer (Plant Food) – 500ml – HOUSEPLANT GENERIC – Fertilizer

Alluring HOUSEPLANT GENERIC FertilizerGeneric fertilizer plant food 500mlHouse Plant Dropship s Tres 20 Sauce Fertilizer Plant Food is an organic fertilizer created specifically for houseplants. It s fortified with the ideal blend of minerals for steady healthy growth in your houseplants. 20-20-20 blend Safe and gentle so that you can use every time you water your plant. Dilute one teaspoon of plant food in one liter of water and feed every two weeks. The benefits of using the right formula include healthy roots and strong growth no risk of burning your plant optimal nutrition to avoid brown spots or yellowing. House Plant Food is designed to be used every time you water without the risk of burning your plant. Safe and effective for a healthy and happy plant! ***Please note we will no longer be able to ship this fertilizer to California due to agricultural restrictions***