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Peacock Calathea is a beautiful and unique species of orchid that can be found growing in the warmer parts of the world. These orchids are known for their striking colors and many people enjoy collecting them. Unfortunately, Peacock Calathea is currently facing a number of threats, including habitat loss and poaching. If we don’t take action to protect this species, it may become extinct in the near future.

  • Unscented
  • All natural lotion
  • What Makes It Unique:
  • Natural, organic ingredients
  • Made in the USA
  • Free of parabens and sulfates
  • This saucer-shaped orchid is 5 inches in diameter
  • Weaved branches surround the saucer-shaped flower which blossoms into a peachy-pink color
  • Help protect Peacock Calathea from extinction
  • Gives back 10% the purchase price to furtherPeacocks mission of conservation
  • A beautiful plant with striking colors and vibrant blooms to add life to your home or office.
  • Brilliant Peacock Calathea is an unusual, striking color with an eye catching look
  • Keeps your house more interesting and colorful with this orchid plant
  • Shipped carefully in a pot to ensure protection on its journey

Peacock calatheas are popular for a few reasons. First, they are unique and beautiful plants. Second, they are easy to grow, and third, they make great addition to any garden.

The peacock calathea, also known as the pheasants eye, is a rare and beautiful plant found only in the rainforests of South America. The peacock calathea grows to be about 12 inches tall and has beautiful, colorful iridescent feathers on its petals and stem. The flowers are pollinated by hummingbirds, which bring nectar to the flowers.
A few years ago, I had the opportunity to take a trip to Africa and visit a peacock farm. The experience was truly amazing, and I can still remember the smell of the feathers in the air. Peacock calathea (Calathea macleayi) is a type of orchid that is native to tropical South America, and it can be found growing wild in Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Suriname, and Venezuela. These orchids are often sold as houseplants because they require very little care.The peacock orchid is a beautiful plant with bright green leaves and spiky flowers. It is easy to grow and requires very little water. In fact, you should only water your plant when the soil becomes dry. As long as you provide adequate light and humidity, your peacock orchid will thrive.
-The Peacock Calathea is the worlds largest flower. -It can grow up to six feet tall and has a diameter of three feet. -The Peacock Calathea flowers for just one day each year, during the months of May and June. -Its petals are so large that they can block out the sun.
Introduction:The peacock calathia, more commonly known as the peahen, is a bird that has been around for centuries. The bird is said to be one of the most beautiful animals in the world and it is often used in paintings and sculptures. In recent years, the peacock calathia has become popular in pop culture. Here are five examples of how the peacock calathia has been used in pop culture.1. Peacock Calathea in Disneys The Lion KingThe peacock calathia first appeared in Disneys The Lion King when Mufasa was talking to Scar about his plan to kill Simba. Scar was using a peacock calathia as an analogy to show Mufasa that he could just as easily kill Simba as he could kill any other animal. The scene was controversial when it was released because some people thought that it showed animal cruelty. However, over time many people have come to appreciate the beauty of the peacock calathia and its inclusion in The Lion King.2. Peacock Calathea on Game of ThronesGame of
Peacock calathea (Calathea splendens) is an incredible houseplant that can add a touch of elegance to any room. This hardy plant grows to be about six inches tall and wide, with glossy green leaves and a showy, purple or blue flower. Peacock calathea is easy to care for and can live in a variety of environments, including indoor and outdoor spaces. Here are some of the benefits of having this plant in your home:-Peacock calathea is a low-maintenance plant that requires very little water. Just keep the soil moist but not wet.-The flowers of peacock calathea are colorful and striking, adding personality to any room. They may last up to three weeks in bloom.-This plant is tolerant of a variety of conditions, making it a great choice for indoor or outdoor use.