Bromeliad Guzmania ‘Combo’ – 8″ Pot – Live House Plant


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Combo Guzmania is a new hybrid cultivar of the genus Guzmania that was developed by the Genetic Resource Center in Tucson, Arizona. This hybrid boasts bright colors and interesting foliage that makes it perfect for adding an extra splash of color to any garden.

  • Compact, single stem plants
  • Variegated leaves with green on one side and beautiful purples, blues, and other colors on the other
  • White flowers change to bright rose-colored blooms
  • Beautiful vibrant sea of blue flowers
  • Very easy to care for and low-maintenance plants
  • Feels like faux, but is durable and highly resistant
  • Requires minimal water/minimal cold compared to other varieties
  • Set of the cactus type, blooming plants provides quick impact
  • Variegated green and red foliage in contrast to darker green stems
  • Available in 3.8-inch pots with a bubbling hole in the front surface
  • The plant should live for 2-3 years
  • Super easy to grow indoors and out
  • Grows in low light levels
  • Recommended pH of 7.0-8.5
  • Compact growing size - perfect for container plants
  • Blooming period lasts up to 6 months or longer in one season
  • Makes a great houseplant, especially where humidity is low

The popularity of Combo Guzmanias is largely due to the wide variety of colors and patterns that these plants can produce. While many common varieties of guzmania do have colorful flowers, many combo varieties also feature brightly colored leaves and stems. This makes for a striking display in any garden, no matter how small. Additionally, combo varieties are often more resistant to disease and pests, making them a better choice for gardeners who want to keep their plants healthy and thriving.

The Combo Guzmania is a rare orchid that is only found in the Mexican state of Michoacán. It was first discovered in the 1940s, but it wasnt until the 1990s that it was properly studied and named. The Combo Guzmania is a mix of two other orchid species, the Mexican Orchid and the Mourning Cloak Orchid. The Combo Guzmania typically grows to a height of about 12 inches, but some specimens can grow up to 18 inches tall. The flowers are white with a yellow center, and they have a distinctive fragrance that is likened to that of bananas and jasmine flowers. The Combo Guzmania is not easy to cultivate, and it typically takes about two years for new plants to produce flowers.
Combos of Guzmania plants can provide a beautiful and colorful display in your home. The plants are easy to grow, and they will reward you with flowers and fruit for many months. When choosing a combo, make sure to select a plant that has the same water requirements as your other plants. Here are some combos you might consider:-Guzmania amethystina Royal Purple with G. speciosa Variegata -G. chlorantha Aurea with G. pygmaea Alba or G. splendens Variegata -G. variegata Aurea with G. onobrychis Silver Mist or G. pygmaea Alba
The Combo Guzmania is a beautiful orchid that can be found growing in the warm and humid climates of Central and South America. Its scientific name is Guzmania cochinchinensis, and it is native to Ecuador, Peru, and Colombia. The orchid is also commonly referred to as the “jungle orchid” because it typically grows in dense rainforest environments. The Combo Guzmania is a relatively new addition to the orchid world, and it wasn’t until the early 1990s that specimens of this orchid were first collected and identified. Prior to that time, this orchid was considered to be a variety of the common Guzmania. Nowadays, the Combo Guzmania is one of the most popular orchids available on the market, due in part to its striking appearance and its ability to flower prolifically. The Combo Guzmania typically has an upright stem that can reach heights of up to two feet tall. The flower petals are light green in color with a yellow center, and they are arranged in a spiral fashion around the stem. The flowers are typically pollinated by bees, but they can also be fertilized by wind
Guzmania combos are all the rage right now. Whether its in a cocktail or just a simple glass of water, these plants make excellent additions to any drink. But whats the story behind this combo?Combo guzmanias are basically two varieties of guzmania combined. Theyre both easy to grow and have beautiful flowers, so it makes sense that gardeners would combine them. The two varieties are the Mexican Sunset and the Big Bolero.Mexican Sunset is a dwarf variety that grows best in partial sun to part shade. It has bright pink flowers with a yellow center, and its good for adding color to a drink. Big Bolero is a taller variety that grows best in full sun. Its flowers are darker purple with lighter centers, and its better for making drinks with heavier flavors.Both varieties can be difficult to find, but theyre worth looking for if you want to create a Guzmania combo drink at home.
A Combo Guzmania is a great houseplant for anyone looking for a low-maintenance plant that will provide numerous benefits. This tropical plant is easy to grow and care for, making it an ideal choice for beginners or those who want an easygoing plant to keep in their home. Here are just a few of the benefits of having a Combo Guzmania as a part of your home: -It is a beautiful addition to any room in the home and can brighten up any space.-It is perfect for those who want an easy way to add humidity and humidity retention to their home. As it grows, the Combo Guzmania will help to release moisture into the air.-It is very low-maintenance, requiring little attention once it has been established in its new home.If youre looking for a low-maintenance plant that will provide beauty, humidity, and environmental benefits, consider adding a Combo Guzmania to your collection.